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A summary of the rules in MD

Much of this article refers to English civil and common law, this is a particular branch of law and has its own intricacies. I am not a lawyer but I am familiar with this branch of law as it was

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A darker MD? – A look behind the scenes

A long long time ago, MD had two skins to play MD. One of them still exists and is used today, which is the current interface you see. However there was another one designed and given to a small section

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MD’s 9th Birthday

Nine years ago today, Muratus del Mur created MagicDuel’s home on the internet: Since then, it has grown into an exceptionally large site, with thousands of lines of code and features, with a number of very hard-working people ensuring

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Seekers of Enlightenment: The Foundation

The Seekers of Enlightenment was not an alliance given and asked for members like most. It was an alliance that was formed out of the group that was created around the phenomenon of the Angiens. Here is the history, from

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