Seekers of Enlightenment: The Foundation

I spent some time walking around and looking for more Angien-type structures and such. After talking with lots of different people, it turned out that there wasn’t really very much information about these strange creatures. During my time speaking with people, I met someone called Renavoid, who was also searching for information like this. We decided to join together to try to contact, or find more information about, these people. We spent some time talking and sharing our findings. Each day, we would return to Angien’s Ferry to see what people had found. It was the place where everyone was gathering, and after a couple of days, a somewhat large crowd had gathered at Angien’s Ferry.

This was when we managed to attract enough attention to attain a place in the Adventure Log.
Page 128 [2008-07-16 00:33:53 – The Shade Balance – Sol. Others]
A group of people under the initiative side effect gathered at the Angien’s Ferry trying to contact the Angiens. Sol, Morrel, Blackthorn, GrandGhost, Aleron, Tremir, Eden, Aiedail and many others join their forces to find a way to contact the Angiens, creatures rumored to be of equal power with the Shades. Sol: “We should try harder… with such forces building up, only a very valuable knowledge will make the difference. I will camp here and watch the area, you guys go and search for more info on this.”

Three of those mentioned here continued to research and finally joined the alliance when it was founded.

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