Seekers of Enlightenment: The Foundation

As we gathered there, we understood that the Angiens would not show themselves by just us being there or shouting. Attempts to try to cross to the island were foolhardy and  ended in failure. There was no obvious means of reaching them by going to them, so we stopped trying to go to them. The group of people were a loose collective, yet were generally all working together to collect news and information. At that time, beyond the knowledge that a few people had garnered, there was much speculation because there were no concrete facts.

Each day, different groups of people would come and have a look at what we were doing, but many core people kept coming back to the shrine. The forum was used for some people to share their views. Renavoid and I kept logs of what was happening and the other research that people had done.

Our initial beliefs about Angiens were that they were good creatures, similar to an angelic creature, representing light. From this point, we then went onto theorize that they were enemies to the Shades. This made sense initially with the information we had. But after a couple days of announcing what we believed, Khalazad gave us some rather conflicting information. He stated that the Angiens had already helped the Sentinals. Based on our initial beliefs, this was exceptionally strange as we believed they were the sworn enemies of the Shades.

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