Seekers of Enlightenment: The Foundation

A little after this event, The Seekers were officially formed. Under my leadership, Renavoid and I contacted many of the most enthusiastic members of the researching team.

Page 131 [2008-07-16 05:28:55 – The Shade Balance – Others]
Bound to worship Angiens, The Seekers of Enlightment guild has formed under leadership of *Chewett* and represents Marind’s Bell. Out of the ruins of the old town there is nothing to defend or to fight for, nothing else but the hope itself that the town will be what it once was. Angiens have lived for so long in Marind’s Town but in times of need they did not help anyone. The Seekers believe that they will discover the secrets of the Angiens and understand more about the world. They still represent their only hope and the most decisive advantage against the constant threat of the Shades. Angiens are dualist creatures, too complex to be understood by any normal human, but understanding them better will unfold secrets about the other parts involved in this, most of all the all-feared Shades.

Renavoid, however, didn’t join the alliance.  He decided that his path was not necessarily in line with a specific research topic, and later went on to found the MagicDuel Archivists and write some of the Adventure Log.

Since founding, the alliance has been through many different periods. From once worshipping the Angiens, believing them to be good beings, we have learned enough about their nature to disprove original theories. We now research many different subjects.

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