A Coin
That was one example from our past and present, how we see it. I personally like the symbol of a coin even more. And that symbol can be used for everything as well.

How many sides does a coin have?

Most people would say 2. I tend to say: Unlimited.

Of course, the typical two sides are a given. But then again, isn’t there an edge, as thin as it may be? The edge at least in theory should be polished, a circle. And from maths we know a circle has no sides at all…or unlimited, depending on how you define it. I ,of course, at least in this case, use the latter.

Now what does this all symbolize? The two sides mean the two extremes we often have, just like with Yin and Yang. The border however means everything between the two, the grey part between White and Black to formulate it, otherwise.

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