The True Aegis of The Weak

The Menacing Encounter

…Taking a sword, Souloflight suggested chopping Bob down. “I’m sure that you just want to show your power and mastery to us, to your enemies by killing Bob” – said Zleiphneir – “To hell with your bargains and inhuman ideas! So, keep them in yourself. You can reach Bob, but only my body across…”. “Then let it be as you wish, foolish guardian…” – said the opponent. Saying these provocative and insulting words, Soul’s face strained and the anger at everything living flared up in his eyes. He started to raise his sword up slowly, but the guardian caught sight of this move. Getting in front of Bob, Zleiphneir told him firmly to leave the place now. In reply, Souloflight shoved his sword into the dirt near Bob, however the traps set by the guardians of Bob melted it instantly. Souloflight cursed and left, but unfortunately returned soon after with another sword, blessed by the Sun God and immune to heat…

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