A Warrior’s High

When Things Started Falling Apart

Now, my friends, I must take a moment to remind you that Willow’s Shop is an armory with stores of weapons for sale. Perhaps it is because of his warrior nature or perhaps it is the effects of the drugs, but Wodin’s attention was suddenly drawn to the swords. Abandoning all the formality he had earlier, his manner of speaking reverted back to one of a child. “Ohh, look at the shiny swords!” Much to the group’s dismay, the warrior picked up a longsword and said with a laugh, “Look at what I can do!”

Instinctively, or rather cowardly, Saki summoned and hid behind her Chaos Archer. Ren simply ducked behind the surrounding crates and furniture. Poor Innundo, frozen in fear, merely squeaked as the warrior swings the sword around wildly while exclaiming in mad delight, “C’mon weaklings!!”

“OW MY EYE!” the fox cried out in pain, having fallen victim to Wodin’s sword. While Ren screamed like a little girl and the Summoned Warrior laughed maniacally, Saki summoned another creature, her Water Guardian, to heal the poor fox.

“Ooooohh that was so much fun,” Wodin said, setting down the longsword. “Now where was I…?”

With his screaming fit over, Ren drew up the courage and asked, “Do you remember anything?”

“Ahh yes, the lab…” the warrior continued while Innundo thanked Saki for healing him. “I was experimenting with the different controls…and the controls, they needed a certain order…” Again, Master Wodin’s attention drifted elsewhere. “Oh, a door. What’s out there?” And his body wandered off too.

“Uh-oh,” Ren said as he followed the warrior out of the Shop with Saki and Innundo a few steps behind.

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