A Quick Game of MagicDuel Trivial Pursuit

Oh, yes, then Intrigue called me a squooshy goober and stuck her tongue out at me. I mean, honestly, these people! What occurred then was a small war: Intrigue tried to attack me with her marker pens, and I threatened to stab her with a quill in response, as I had done on previous occasions. After some excessive running around, we were both covered in permanent marker and had had a long talk with Kafuuka about what the term “Street Fighter” meant as, as per usual, he didn’t understand and thought that meant it was someone who fought with streets, which seemed ridiculous to him, as it would to anyone.
The scene descended into verbal debates and odd explanations, and as with any good game of MD Trivial Pursuit, the game itself soon faded into obscurity to be brought back out to play another day.

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