Muratus Lecture I: Space and Time

Now we come to a question about space itself moving, which seems to be implied in the idea of it intermingling in intersecting one-dimensional spaces. We discover next that space, this abstract idea of ‘nothing’ that is so hard for our minds, does not really move at all as it intermingles.

You must understand a “static movement”. It’s not moving.

This is all Muratus del Mur says on the subject directly. And this is a tricky concept, nothing. It is not the canvas on which things are painted or the water on which things float – these things give us movement to describe non-movement. There is just more of nothing between each thing, as though it flowers there. Space doesn’t move and you cannot have more of nothing – it is paradoxical – but you can have more of nothing between two objects. Thus the markers appear to move relative to one another even though they are “still.”

Now we engage the expansion of the universe, and the idea of its eventual cyclic collapse and rebirth:

It expands in my theory too, and it explains also the “big bang” that current theories can’t explain. It’s a cyclic course [that] expands, retracts, expands and so on. We assumed it will retract because it’s expanding and because our mind can’t imagine infinity. But what if I tell you it’s NOT retracting ever?

I think we have to wait and see … I am free for the next billion years!

Muratus del Mur notes here that people are beginning to make spurious connections to phenomena around them, and thus he wishes to fuel that fire no more. He concludes with two more points:

Big bang in my theory is caused by this intersection of space. The ripples caused by its frequency are known as matter – matter is pure energy anyway.

Second thing:

The concept of Static Movement is described in one of the inner doc spells at higher levels, I think it’s the public spell used as a sample. It’s a basic concept of magic related to time control.


A great deal more was said and done and more lectures followed, but this is the content Muratus del Mur intended for us.

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  1. Numerius Felix says:

    So if I have this straight, static motion is the link between two states/points/bubbles. The connection is governed by rules, which is why reality feel causal. Because of these rules, the connection can be defined in terms of the initial (or just the “first” or “initiation”) state and the final (or just “second” or “effect”) state.

    In the case of the intersecting cubes, existence is governed by rules, so the connection between the two cubes (an initiation and an effect) follows those rules, and different points or froths or bubbles along the connection are different moments in time.

    If I’m right, this reminds me of this one function in Adobe Flash Studio where you can create a visually seamless transition between two positions/orientations of an object based on the initial state, the final state, how long the transition should take, and the rules of making the transition look pretty.

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