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The Inhabitor Theory

I had oft come across this strange concept, that each one that treads the realm of MagicDuel were intricately tied to another being in another realm. While I have never had opportunity to see it, it seems, within each of

On Honor In Battle

On Honor In Battle Of battle many are considered expert. Today I would speak of honour in battle and that which makes the warrior whole. In the realm there are many who seek martial power through the auspices of battle

On Loyalty, Respect, and Self-Discipline

These are the subjects I will be discussing this morning. I think it is evident why they are important, but my objective today is to point out why they are critical to not only our, but everyone’s alliance. I shall

The Moon and Necrovion

I was asked to speak at your convocation because of my investigations into the nature of Darkness and the life I have lived there. The subject you have chosen is a difficult one, and the news I bring may be

On Virtue

Greetings to all, and welcome, to this, the Lunar Festival, hosted by the Children of the Eclipse. What is the eclipse? Surely, such a mere coincidence of alignment cannot yet be of such significance? I am sure you are familiar


Symbols, as such, represent ideas. They can be abstract ideas, so in a sense they can simplify.  But, they also can be used to describe things hard to express, or things not fully known. They can also have several meanings.


Festivals have become a part of our life, and we celebrate them: Sometimes even without knowing the exact background of them. As an example let us take Christmas, but that will follow later. Festivals in general are special occasions for

Muratus Lecture II: Transposition

So, somehow you managed to lure me into holding an ad hoc lecture on Time. [smile] Now I got used to it and I will hold another one. At DarkPriestess’ suggestion, I will talk about the principles, one of them

Muratus Lecture III: Magic in Modern Days

<Question: so everything changes… even magic?> Are you playing with words?  Magic changes, of course.  There is traditional magic and modern magic.  People always use it, just that they find different words to name it. <Question: ok, what’s the difference

Muratus Lecture I: Space and Time

Compiled, edited, and ‘made nice’ by one among you. This lecture told us of Muratus del Mur’s views on time. He gave the caveat that his views were odd and not presented in order to have an argument. We begin