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Some Other Medieval Weapons

Great German landsknechts Sword The German landsknechts sword is a must for the serious weapons collector. This enormous sword is not for the faint of heart. Great landsknechts Swords were wielded by only the strongest and most fearless soldiers

European One-handed Weapons

Katzbalger Sword. The Katzbalger is designed to do one thing: chop. The Katzbalger is one of most devastating sword in close combat. It is a very solidly piece that’s meant for dirty business. The unique form of side arm was,


Alchemy Earth: Earth is the representation of physical senses and of our ability to ground ourselves into earthly reality. Earth connects us to Mother Earth and is all about bringing the spiritual into physical form. Water: Water is the representation

European Two-handed Swords

Dürer Bastard Sword. The Dürer Bastard sword is a gorgeous specimen of form and function. As a working sword it performs admirably. Added to this is its subtle beauty, which puts this sword among one of the nicer long swords.