European Two-handed Swords

Dürer Bastard Sword.

The Dürer Bastard sword is a gorgeous specimen of form and function. As a working sword it performs admirably. Added to this is its subtle beauty, which puts this sword among one of the nicer long swords.

This sword is a joy to handle. It has just enough blade presence to make one’s cut effortless, with plenty of tip control for thrusting. It flows easily from guard to guard, and can be wielded single handed if desired without much effort, but is created for a dual handed fighter. The quillions of this particular sword are the real aesthetic seller, however. The gentle s-curve is well defined and beautifully formed. This is not simply a piece of bar stock bent into shape, but a well thought out sculpted form, wide at the center and gently narrowing at the bends. There are no sharp edges, as the corners are gracefully rounded. Here is an excellent example of simple elegance.

Measurements and Specifications:

Weight: 2 pounds, 15 ounces

Overall length: 47 1/4 inches

Blade length: 36 inches

Blade width: 1 3/4 inches at base, tapering to 3/4 inch

Grip length: 8 1/4 inches

Guard width: 9 inches

Point of Balance: 4 1/4 inches from guard

Center of Percussion: ~22 inches from guard

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