Greetings to All (Get Started Here)

Welcome to the MagicDuel Archives.  Within these halls, you will find Collections of many different kinds, including the accumulated wisdom of the people of MagicDuel, the creative works of many of the lands’ inhabitants, and official records of historical events.

The Archives is always looking to add to its Collections, expanding portfolios and creating new ones that will inform and entertain all who have a connection to this realm.  You are welcome to add to the content of the Archives and, indeed, you are encouraged to do so.  The Archives exist as a place for one to share thoughts, theories, history, and creativity.  The Archives exist because a place without a history has no future.  Please contribute to the history of our realm and, in doing so, help fill out our future.
If you feel like contributing to the Archives’ Collections, to create the future of the realm, our realm, please contact Innocence (who has recently been staying within Wind’s Sanctuary, as the road to the Archive Lands has become difficult to travel for most) to petition for access to the Writing Room, where we will set up a personalized desk for you, along with all the tools you need to begin writing.


Several Notes:
The Writing Room has already set up desks for all those who have already published content within the Archives.  If you have previously published content, simply ask Innocence about receiving the key (password) to your desk.

For those who are new to the Writing Room, there will be a very short form to fill out which will enable us to set you up with a desk of your very own.

Currently, all Writers are asked to submit their ideas for contributions to Innocence (again, currently found within Wind’s Sanctuary), who will consult with others as to the appropriateness of the idea.  To be honest, this is mostly a formality, as the majority of ideas are likely be approved without hesitation.  Also, to start, while Writers will be able to write and edit their own contributions before they are published, they will be unable to publish content without a final review first.  Also, edits to published articles cannot be made without higher levels of experience, so please be aware of that before submitting for a final review (though edits can be made through one of the veteran writers, should you wish to make some and you can find one who’s willing to assist you).
As Writers become more experienced, the ability to publish without review or the need to submit ideas for consideration, along with being able to upload various media and to edit after publication, will be granted.  This will be conducted on a case-by-case basis and once a petition for such access is submitted after a suitable amount of work has been created.


Comments are encouraged when reading over the available content within the Archives, both from readers and from fellow writers.  Those who wish to leave comments need not have a workspace set up within the Archives, but are required to sign their name and leave a method of contact to do so.
This ensures that those who comment can be identified and reached, should the original author wish to begin a dialogue.

As such, it should be noted that the Archives is just that: the Archives.  The Archives is not the Forum and while comments are welcome, long comments or diatribes where you disagree with the author, or comments that are considered rude, insulting, or otherwise distract from the content, will not be tolerated and will be removed as necessary.
The Archives stands for the accumulation of knowledge, and should someone read an article containing a theory or other information with which they disagree, they are encouraged to create their own article containing alternate information or theories.  Having multiple points of view or alternatives strengthens the realm, and does not diminish any who choose to contribute.


Thank you again for taking the first step in contributing to the Archives.  I’m sure you’ll find it a fun and rewarding experience.  If you’ll step this way, I’ll show you to the door to the Writing Room.