A Discussion on limits in MagicDuel

Recently someone came to me with a question about the combat system

Dear Chew, 

I have a question. As I remember, the minimum limit creature Vit to create a fight ritual was 300. But the fact I was able to create a ritual with Single level 1 Pope that only had 290 Vit – and the result was of course the ritual goes random. So, why the system let me created the ritual?

Its a good question so I thought I would write about it here rather than just reply to the player.

Is it too hard to code in?

I guess the first question to ask is whether its possible to code a check. Actually it would be relatively easy to check if rituals meet the requirements of not going random.

We already have easy access to the creatures you are placing in the ritual and their max ve. Then checking the full potential max ve in a ritual is as easy as summing up the max ve of each creature.

So Why not code it in?

One of the reasons why its not coded in is because its a learning experience. To quote a favourite book of mine:

A comic strip by AdiFitri

People learn from their mistakes and failings much better than they would from any teacher explaining a concept.

By creating a ritual which then goes random it stimulates a dialogue with others. Questions are asked about how the combat system worked, why this ritual in particular went random.

While initially jarring the hope is that the discussion it provokes trains the player to ask more questions. Each time they see something strange they ask why, which in MagicDuel is the most important question.

Obviously this kind of teaching has always the possibility to backfire. The chance that it merely frustrates the player as they don’t understand how it works. This is an ever present concern with these kind of situations which we always consider.


The simple answer to the question is that while  we could probably pop up a warning that the ritual will always go random, for now we won’t.

Stimulating asking questions and the social aspect of MagicDuel is an important part of the game and something we must encourage.

A summary of the rules in MD

Much of this article refers to English civil and common law, this is a particular branch of law and has its own intricacies. I am not a lawyer but I am familiar with this branch of law as it was required for my degree. None of this article is official legal advice but is merely a laymen summary of how this works and I will draw parallels and explain how MD uses some of the elements of English common law knowingly and unknowingly.

If you have come here to find a list of things MD does not permit you can stop reading here. MD does not and will never have a list of rules. This is down to how MD works, we do not have hard and fast rules as we treat each case as its own situation. No two instances are ever entirely alike and therefore it is unfair and wrong to try and always make the decision the same, however we do rely on a base level of precedent.

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A darker MD? – A look behind the scenes

A long long time ago, MD had two skins to play MD. One of them still exists and is used today, which is the current interface you see. However there was another one designed and given to a small section of MD as a gift.

As of today that skin no longer exists in MD. The skin was not updated to fit with all the improvements so it wasnt very usable. It has been removed as part of the massive interface redesign that I am working on.

Since It has been removed I will be sharing details of what it looked like for this months article.

Shortly on Story Mode

Written by Jubaris on a cold rainy day at Sage’s Keep.
Article on story mode and its discredited status due to implicit association with Ancient Lore.

  • Page 1 – Content and Intro
  • Page 2 – The Point


In the beginning of our realm, the creator was not alone but he brought souls to help him shape the world.
There was one called Adi who gave birth to something we experience as story mode, following the vision of Mur.
As people appeared, curiosity about story mode was spread.

Adi was asked questions about characters met during story mode, he indulged and developed their background stories further and further.
This deviated from the vision of the creator, making the path to understanding the nature of the realm hardened by an obstacle – invalid information.
Long story short, years after, some situations lead to Mur banning ‘ancient lore’.

All those background stories were hunted down and erased or properly distanced, making a situation where a new person has it hard to stumble upon those stories on his own.

But because Mur was vague and unclear in his statements – this created confusion.
What was exactly ‘ancient lore’?
The mentioned background stories were certainly banned, but did it extend to story mode? Confusion is understandable, because there were characters that appeared both in original story mode, and the stories that came later.

Mur wanted the actual history of the realm, deeds done by actual people that were to be referenced by others, rather than fiction – a problem which was at its highest in the beginning. When there’s little behind, people rely on mythos and fiction.
Currently we don’t have that sort of a problem, result of a combination of the judging of ancient lore and unfolding of actual events and legacy of people’s actions.
Focus shifted from story mode leaving it marginalized, and now it is not uncommon for people to be dismissive of it, equalizing it with ancient lore.

However, I am of firm belief that story mode is not ‘ancient lore’, and not to be dismissed by wanton thinkers and ponderers – case I will try to argue in the following pages.

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Understanding the Law on Lore

This is a topic that seems to crop up every few months, and that at some point or another every new player hears: “Ancient Lore is Forbidden!”

And it’s true – Ancient Lore is forbidden. But the way people react, and the speed that people will jump to saying that phrase doesn’t help – in fact, it is damaging in exactly the same way as Ancient Lore became, as well as sadly a few new ways. There are a few things that need to be understood better – namely, what Ancient Lore is, what is not Ancient Lore, and why it is forbidden in the first place.

Thankfully, since this topic does come up so often, this information is pretty freely available. In fact, answers to the first and third questions have already been posted by Mur on this very website (specifically this article for what Ancient Lore is, and this article for why it is forbidden).

We have all learned that we should not get too involved in Ancient Lore, but sadly it looks like we might have learned it a little too well. Now it’s common to see people talking about how it is forbidden, even though what is being discussed isn’t, in fact, Ancient Lore at all. And there are a lot of things that come very close to being Ancient Lore without actually being the same thing. The most important tool to understanding what is and is not forbidden is understanding why it is forbidden in the first place. Sadly, when we are told that “Ancient Lore is Forbidden” most of us just accept it, and forget to ask why that might be…


This character built his history upon defending one of the unsuspected mysteries of Magic Duel: the tree at the Lonely Path. There were others who came before him who also defended the lonely tree, such as Speaker for the Dead, Renavoid, and Thanasia. Not much is known about their guardianship of Bob mostly because of the lack of sources, but we do find references to these people beginning in 2009, when we start to read about the Guardians of Bob, and their friends and foes.

It is known that Zleiphneir could conjure quite an impressive amount of brute force when angered, where all those around him would be at risk, and even Tree could suffer from this, as is shown in Zleiphneir: Path of Justice.

He was so committed to his friendship with the tree that he was hardly seen in other places. In 2008, though, he won the nomination of Guardian of Bob, along with a spell to travel to the tree, and he is even summoned every time the tree blooms.

The reasons for his fond friendship to that tree is unknown, even to Zleiphneir, but as he wrote in his papers:
“When you enter the world, you usually at least have you mother, or doctors, or an adopted family. You have someone around, or it’s simple, you don’t survive. As an adult, you don’t have such luxuries as those.

Unlike in the usual way…when we are born into THIS realm, the realm of MagicDuel, we are older than a baby and have nobody. Not a soul. We know no one and we know nothing. We are feeble, knowledgeless and often blind. We are, for want of a better word, a blank canvas. Alone, and unprotected.

When I walked this realm I found someone else who was like that, surrounded, but still alone. Damaged, and never fixed. Offering, but never being accepted. That someone, was Bob.

My affinity for Bob grew with each passing day, from the moment I saw him I loved him. He was my brother, my reflection, in fact, he was everyone’s reflection, perhaps they just didn’t realize that. I felt connected to Bob, and I would often stay with him a while here and there to just…be there. Words are all very well, but I always found the best thing someone can do when you are alone is sit beside you, and say nothing.”

It is important to note that, while most in the realm call the tree as Bob, Zleiphneir call the tree as Tree. Although on his papers as seen above the he refers to the tree as Bob.

In 2009, Zleiphneir, for a brief period, together with Grido, became part of the Savelites, an alliance of Loreroot, in order “To rebuild the legend that this alliance [the Savelites Church] stands for.”

In 2010, he was one of the winners of the Heads Contest and in April of the same year he received an homage from players, the UTOB Project, where you can read some other tales about Tree–aka Bob–Steve, and Zleiphneir.

During the Murmas of 2011, there were a kind project ran after a kind of joke from his friends: wearing a, itchy Santa suit and a bell, he collected coins, wood, candies, and anything else people were willing to give for the poor of MD. The project ran until 20 January, when the last alm was given. In 2011, he also helped with the completion of the MagicDuel Calendar, and on 16 May of the same year (day 135 of year 6 of MD), the Defenders of Bob guild was established in No Man’s Land. This created the Established Housings, a “virtual” land affiliation which made the guild neutral. Along with Zleiphneir, the other members at the time were Prince Lewas, FlyingChipmunk, and Keida.

One of his final achievements, though the date is not exactly known, was to become part of the Knight’s Order, receiving the title of Knight of Slumber.


If everything I do is wrong, goddamn I do it right”  – Captain Cryxus X’hal

Since his first days in the realm, Cryxus set his mind on becoming the greatest pirate in the realm, and he worked hard in order to achieve his dream. Driven by motivation, he managed to gather a group of people that shared his dreams of piracy. He then proceeded to build a ship for his pirates and at the same time work closely with Mur on developing factions, which were among the most expected features back then. As a reward for his hard work and well played role, he was awarded with the first faction and with that the power to change someone’s flag to a pirate flag, which can still be seen around the realm. After that, there was nothing that could stop Cryxus’ pirates. They worked day and night and finally finished building their pirate ship: The Crimson Blade.

His dream had come true: he was acknowledged Captain Cryxus X’hal of the Crimson Blade, finally getting promoted to PWR and later to RPC, along with other legends from his era. Some of his most famous pirate deeds include the pillage of two alliances: the Savelites Church and the Caretakers, which were returned later to the previous owners. It is clear Cryxus played his role very well and even though he’s gone for a while now, he left his mark on the realm, carried on today by the Crimson Blade and the remnants of the Pirate faction.

MagicDuel Awards 2014

Each year, the players of MagicDuel vote in a variety of categories to celebrate the work of the most well-known players of the year. Categories are decided by the community each year, and winners are given a special medal item to commemorate their work.

The following pages detail the categories, nominations, winners, and winners’ speeches for the year 2014. The final page contains the log from the awards ceremony. This year, the event was run by Ailith, Chewett, dst, and Grido.


On day 03 of october of 2007, Ledah came to the world of MD.  At that time in MagicDuel, there were a lot of changes happening, and we can’t be sure which day the first announcement took place. He was like many of the others players that began in MagicDuel: attacking people, exploring, and learning.

After 41 days in the realm, during the alliance testing, he made an alliance called the Black Magicians based in Marind Bell (ann. 115).  The alliance’s symbol would later be the one used by the Savelite’s Church.

Our legend is also the archenemy of the Guardians of Bob, but before that, he was the archenemy of Zleiphneir, and there are many stories about their fights, with more or less participation from our antihero. Some as the ones that follows:

Though a Bob hater, we can’t say when it began, but perhaps he was envious of Zleiphneir lazing around the Tree, or because of a crazy story about another tree that was there called Steve, but which was murdered by Bob. It also seems that he followed the path of another character, Virtuous Pride.

Year 9 Anniversary – Chewett IX Discussion

This topic is about a discussion that took place during the Trivia contest on the first day of MD’s ninth Anniversary. It contains a log of MD’s players discussing Chewett’s history in the realm, as well as a conspiracy theory Chewett puts forward himself. This discussion finishes as a public challenge to the players from Chewett IX.

The next page contains a summary of the information, the pages thereafter contain the log from the actual event for historical purposes and further research.

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