Year 9 Anniversary – Chewett IX Discussion

Kyphis:QUESTION: In what year did Chewett become the forum moderator?
Shadowseeker:bet it’s 2008 or so though…
*Mya Celestia*:A very long time ago
Kyphis: (no idea, chewett is the only one who can tell us who is right)
*Eagle Eye*:2009
*Chewett*:like a long time ago
*Mya Celestia*:That’s what I said 😀
Kyphis:I guess Mya wins that round 😛
*Chewett*:Chewett is actually a title
*Chewett*:The account is passed through a number of people
*Chewett*:This chewett actually knew how to code, so he became a coder
Kyphis:Really? I did not know that
Kyphis:How many Chewetts have there been?
*Mya Celestia*:Careful or people will be thinking you’ve got multiple personalities
*Chewett*:X + 1
*Chewett*:Where X was the number before me
Assira the Black:Hmm… then how long have you been the current Chewett?
*Chewett*:two ish years
*Chewett*:I played bugs for a while
*Chewett*:well, 1 ish years
*Chewett*:I was bugs, starting christmas two years ago
Curiose:This chit chat makes me swoon with happiness. <3
*Chewett*:then chewett left, I became chewett
Curiose:I heart you guys.
*Chewett*:bugs wasnt needed
:*Chewett* killed the chat
Rophs:Did you play MD with another name prior to becoming the Chewett?
Curiose:NO way! Chewett never kills nothing.
Shadowseeker:Hmm..can’t quite tell if this is sarcasm or plain truth
*Chewett*:Im a ro guy Mur knows
*Mya Celestia*:Who was the Chewett that was an RPC?
*Chewett*:mostly ro
*Chewett*:Worked here for a bit, originally american.
*Chewett*:Living costs are rather cheap here, and there are a lot of technical positions open
*Chewett*:Compared to america, its pretty good.

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