A summary of the rules in MD

Much of this article refers to English civil and common law, this is a particular branch of law and has its own intricacies. I am not a lawyer but I am familiar with this branch of law as it was required for my degree. None of this article is official legal advice but is merely a laymen summary of how this works and I will draw parallels and explain how MD uses some of the elements of English common law knowingly and unknowingly.

If you have come here to find a list of things MD does not permit you can stop reading here. MD does not and will never have a list of rules. This is down to how MD works, we do not have hard and fast rules as we treat each case as its own situation. No two instances are ever entirely alike and therefore it is unfair and wrong to try and always make the decision the same, however we do rely on a base level of precedent.

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