On day 03 of october of 2007, Ledah came to the world of MD.  At that time in MagicDuel, there were a lot of changes happening, and we can’t be sure which day the first announcement took place. He was like many of the others players that began in MagicDuel: attacking people, exploring, and learning.

After 41 days in the realm, during the alliance testing, he made an alliance called the Black Magicians based in Marind Bell (ann. 115).  The alliance’s symbol would later be the one used by the Savelite’s Church.

Our legend is also the archenemy of the Guardians of Bob, but before that, he was the archenemy of Zleiphneir, and there are many stories about their fights, with more or less participation from our antihero. Some as the ones that follows:

Though a Bob hater, we can’t say when it began, but perhaps he was envious of Zleiphneir lazing around the Tree, or because of a crazy story about another tree that was there called Steve, but which was murdered by Bob. It also seems that he followed the path of another character, Virtuous Pride.

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