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On day 03 of october of 2007, Ledah came to the world of MD.  At that time in MagicDuel, there were a lot of changes happening, and we can’t be sure which day the first announcement took place. He was

Chewett IX

Chewett IX gained the hereditary title of Chewett two years ago. He inherited it after his predecessor became ill from exposure to too many bugs, who then died of decompiling. Chewett IX was born in Romania, on a rainy day

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Savelfuser had humble beginnings, started as an average fighter in the time when the great fighters ruled all. One day, or so the story goes, he was confronted by the Ancient Ghost, a spirit with a massive amount of knowledge.


Jonn was most notable the Head of LHOs before Grido, and for his desire to be the most villainous man in the realm. He spent the majority of his time in the Paper Cabin, talking to those that passed by


Phrog was an interesting and slightly bizarre character, and one who often went unnoticed. He was a characteristically cold man, always looking for warmth. When he talked with others, which wasn’t very often, it was when they needed assistance. His


Alche was one of the more peculiar and intricate characters of the realm, and a shame that he has vanished. He first came to prominence when he ventured into Golemus, searching for the same thing that Akasha had in the


Aqune was one of the longest lasting veterans, existing actively for upwards of 450 days before finally disappearing. She lasted through the beginning fighting era of the realm and into the magic era. She was the closest associated with the


Valy is the original artist of much of MD’s artwork. He did almost all of the creatures, most of the lands (with the exception of Marind Bell), the realm map, and the scenes of the story mode. Although he never


Khalazdad is one of the truly long-lasting and there is no doubt in anybody’s mind that he deserves a memorial as a testament to his legacy. If you ask anybody that lived during Khalazdad’s reign they will agree that good


Big C was one of the earliest heroes, and it has been argued by a number of people that Big C was and is the most influential person to ever walk the realm. Whether you agree fully with that statement,