Savelfuser had humble beginnings, started as an average fighter in the time when the great fighters ruled all. One day, or so the story goes, he was confronted by the Ancient Ghost, a spirit with a massive amount of knowledge. The Ancient Ghost joined the body of Savelfuser, and by this act Savel gained a spiritual purpose and the ability to heal those in need. With these two gifts, and the wisdom of the Ancient Ghost, he set out to gain followers.

Over time, Savelfuser gathered a relatively large following of adepts, and later worshippers. Always helping those in need and spreading his religion, Savelfuser stayed in Loreroot most of this time. His religion rested in the supreme power of the Ancienet Ghost, and in helping all those that needed assistance.

Over time, his following grew large enough that he was able to start an alliance, named Savelite’s Church. The Church was dedicated to the same things Savelfuser had been preaching for months. They were also dedicated to researching the ancient artifacts of the land, and uncovering them. They went on a search for Medusa’s Amulet, although unfortunately they did not find it, nor did any of the adventurers that attempted to help them.

The Savelite’s Church was a peaceful religious alliance, although they made it known that if threatened they would not hesitate to retaliate. War, they said, was the bane of the world, preventing the transfer of knowledge and the growth of minds.

In time, Savelfuser, like the ghost he was, began to fade. In his later days, Morquor began to take over the alliance, but in time Morquor faded as well. The Savelite’s Church lives on, a testament to the great ghost that spread his religion, teaching, and protection.

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