Big C was one of the earliest heroes, and it has been argued by a number of people that Big C was and is the most influential person to ever walk the realm. Whether you agree fully with that statement, the fact remains that he altered the way we interact, and the effects of his changes still linger today.

Big C got his start in the fighting era, where high stats equaled victory. The creatures provided for relatively little variety in the fights, and so whoever had the higher stats was usually the victor. Although Big C was not the first to train, but he quickly became one of the best. He used heat (as at that time there was no heat limit) in order to quickly amplify his rewards and improve his stats. Omegaweapon was the one who originally created this method for training, but Big C and him worked together. Because of their success, heat was capped at 4,400. Big C was not known solely for his ability in combat, although at the time one’s skill in combat was how they were judged in the realm. Big C was one of the first ones to be known for not just fighting, but also going on adventures.

In the realm there was a shift from a land in which the only purpose was to fight to one in which other more complex interactions began. The biggest marker of this shift was the plot of the Golemus Wizard, and the Shade’s attempt to stop his magic. Big C was caught in the middle of this shift, and due to his failure to the Shades to kill the Golemus Wizard, he was attacked by Omegaweapon and dragged into Necrovion. There he was left for dead, never to rise again. But he was not dead, no far from it. A group of people lead by Thanasia began to pray for him, and their prayers saved him. He did not die as was planned, but instead barely lived in Necrovion.

Whatever became of Big C is largely unknown. SmartAlekRJ supposedly resurrected him in January of 2009. He went to the dark parts of Necrovion, gathered the remains of Big C, and brought them to the Laboratory on Golemus to resurrect him. Following this, Big C was seen around the land, although he was only a shadow of is former self. True to his nature, whenever he was spotted he was seen in the combat oriented places, mostly GGG, training to gain his strength back.

To this day, the shadow of Big C wanders around occasionally, a testament man that brought the change from pure fighting to other types of interaction.

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