Wodin (First Incarnation)

Wodin Ullr is a warrior who was first summoned by the Golemus Wizard. Some suggest that Wodin has been summoned many times before, and is a long-living protector of Golemus. This is likely, although there is no concrete proof.

While the Golemus Wizard was performing his ritual to bring back Wodin Ullr, the Shades heard about the project and began to send people in to Golemus to kill him. Big C was the first, but he would not attack the Golemus Wizard. STF and Akasha were others who were sent in, but STF was trapped in a dream by the Wizard and Akasha chose to avoid him altogether. Omegaweapon was the only one sent into Golemus that succeeded in killing the Wizard. However, the Wizard had planned it all along, and needed to be killed in order to complete his ritual. Therefore Omegaweapon played right into the hands of the wizard in resurrecting Wodin Ullr.

Wodin Ullr became the protector and leader of Golemus. He was seen at the Road of Battles training those who came to him, and training. He was considered to be the strongest warrior, but he had illusions of grandeur. He started to crave for a war with the Shades, and to destroy them. He began gathered an army, which trained at the Road of Battles. The Shades of course heard of this, and appointed Khalazdad to be their general against the threat. The Sentinels were created to counteract the Golemus Golemicarum, which was Wodin’s army. The training continued on, with a number of small skirmishes. Just before the final and greatest battle was fought, however, Wodin disappeared, and was nowhere to be found. His army still fought, but that day the Wodin that the Golemus Wizard had called died.

Whatever happened to Wodin? No one is quite sure. When he was needed most, he was not there. Perhaps it is part of the nature of the spirit; to help and build up something grand, and then at the final moment disappear. In any case, the Wodin that had trained so many at the Road of Battles (Renavoid, Yami no Sakura, Memory and Glaistig to name a few) was never to be seen in the same way again. Occasionally the ghost of Wodin can still be seen at the Road of Battles, with a sword in hand.

Other reincarnations of Wodin have been witnessed, most prominently the Yrthilian reincarnations. These reincarnations are not as strong, nor do they say much. One day perhaps the old Wodin will come back, or a reincarnation will lead another army against the Shades.

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