Phrog was an interesting and slightly bizarre character, and one who often went unnoticed. He was a characteristically cold man, always looking for warmth. When he talked with others, which wasn’t very often, it was when they needed assistance.

His search for inner warmth inspired by the sight of SmartAlekRJ’s flying drachorn lead him to be carried to the Way of Cleansing and then burned alive, accidentally. His spirit wandered the land for a good deal of time, riding on the back of Perrobotillo and enjoying the sunshine given by Aqune, before being carried to the Drachorn’s layer. Once there, his spirit was reunited with the drachorns, and he gained the power to free the drachorns.

Phrog’s quests were rather simple, and mostly had to do with fire. Phrog was obsessed with fire, reading about it, writing about it, and talking about it. Phrog was a close friend to SmartAlekRJ, perhaps because of his ability to give drachorns.

When and why Phrog disappeared is largely unknown. He was seen last at the Gates to Golemus, and it is possible that his spirit went searching for other sources of warmth. Maybe one day he will return to the land, eternally searching for warmth.

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