Alche was one of the more peculiar and intricate characters of the realm, and a shame that he has vanished.

He first came to prominence when he ventured into Golemus, searching for the same thing that Akasha had in the past: the Book of Principles. Alche was a deep thinker, entranced with the inner workings of the mind, and he believed that the Book of Principles would provide him with the understanding and intelligence he desired. Alche would often observe the behavior and words of others, and then make guesses at what they were thinking. His quests also involved asking a question or posing an object and then asking the opinions of others. There were never any set answers for this type of quest, and as a result all you had to do was think in order to gain a reward. Thinking and working the brain was what Alche believed the most in.

His search for the Book of Principles can be argued to be a failure or a success. If you believe that he found the Book inside the pyramid, and came back enlightened, then his trip was a success. If you do not, then he instead came very close and gained something other than the book. The fact is that Alche went to Golemus, and thought about Mount Kelle’Tha and what secrets it could hide, and then went into the central pyramid. What came out was different, and the results are ambiguous. It is possible that he found the Book, but it is also possible that he did not.

The cause of his death is unknown. One day he was wandering around the land, asking questions and inspiring thought, the next he was gone. Perhaps he fell into a hole or was slaughtered by a passing Land Guardian.

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