Aqune was one of the longest lasting veterans, existing actively for upwards of 450 days before finally disappearing. She lasted through the beginning fighting era of the realm and into the magic era. She was the closest associated with the land of Loreroot.

In the early days of the realm, Aqune was a fighter like the majority of people. She was not the strongest fighter in the land at any time, but she was most known for her clever use of lifestealers. For the most part she did not stand out in the fighting arena.

Her largest legacy is her work in Loreroot. In addition to being one of the first members of the Guardians of the Root, she also later served on the High Council, which now no longer exists. She worked with NelyaSetesh, Eden, BlackThorn, and others.

Her job was to govern over the weather, changing it as her mood saw fit. Be it rain, clouds, sun, or wind, Aqune ruled them all. Although others have the power to change the weather, Aqune was the first Storm Maiden, and she had the widest variety of conditions to choose from. The ability to control the weather proved useful on a number of occasions, most prominently when Phrog needed assistance.

She was known to stand outside the gates of Loreroot, assisting those who required help in gaining access to her homeland. She was a “Guardian” of the Maple Road, and for her help she gained a number of followers and became a protector. Among her worshippers was Tarquinus, the leader of the Children of the Eclipse.

She was also known for having an extensive knowledge of the realm, which comes along with her age. Not only did she create a map of all the places in the realm, but she also created a list of all the creatures, their artwork, and all their descriptions.

Aqune is an old veteran, and one deserving of our thanks for her help.

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