Valy is the original artist of much of MD’s artwork. He did almost all of the creatures, most of the lands (with the exception of Marind Bell), the realm map, and the scenes of the story mode. Although he never talked or walked around in the realm, he is important for his artistic ability and the influence it had on the realm.

It is slightly contested how much of what Valy created was an illustration of Mur’s already planned out world, or if Valy created the world from his own imagination. From my knowledge, Mur gave the boundaries and specific points he wanted in game (such as the Lands and locations with specific qualities), but left the majority of the designing and drawing to Valy. Therefore, what we see is for the most part Valy’s creation and imagination. Valy was paid for his work, and when he was no longer needed he was excused, although he was later recruited again.

Currently Valy is reclusive, not talking to any players, but he continues to draw when his skills are called for, however Valy is an instrumental player, and his work is long-lasting and important, without him we would be blind.

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