Year 9 Anniversary – Chewett IX Discussion

*Chewett IX*:Or, no one will know why
Curiose:Chewett the nineth..
Sephirah Caelum:for the ninth birthday
*Mya Celestia*:I’ll have to make a note just so I can remember πŸ˜‰
Kyphis:They will if they read the Rememberign the Legends posts πŸ˜›
*Clock Master*:You are giving to much credit to No One
Kyphis: (Oh God, I want to write my entry on Chewett like a transcript of This video)
Kyphis: [Video link]
:Assira the Black takes a look
Assira the Black: *laughs* I seen a few of those videos
Sephirah Caelum:it will be cool Kyphis
Kyphis: (I’ve seen all of them. So I can annoy you by saying Ducks >:D)
Kyphis: (Also Snails. They be Crazy)
Assira the Black: (mantis and sea pigs are among my favorite)
Kyphis: (they where pretty great :D)
Kyphis:Okay, I’m decided. Totally going to do an entry on Chewett in that style (now to find the time to do it, bleh)
*Chewett IX*:Continue the trivea?
*Chewett IX*:QUESTION: Who is on what points
Rophs:We can extract the point totals from the logs.
*Chewett IX*:what are logs? :p
Rophs:Great, they replaced the chew in the middle of a festival!
Rophs:Time to bring this one up to speed.
*Chewett IX*:Chew IX is the 9th year model FYI
*Chewett IX*:If no one knows the score…
*Chewett IX*:If no one got the reference πŸ˜›
Rophs:The chatlog knows
*Chewett IX*:IX = 9
Kyphis:Hmm… 154 words so far
Kyphis:Needs to be a lot longer
Kyphis: (222 words. nearly there)
Kyphis: (How do you like your tea, Chewett IX? No milk, one sugar?)
*Chewett IX*: (coffee, american, remember?)
Kyphis: (How do you like your coffee, Chewett IX? Milk, three sugar?)
*Chewett IX*: (two suger, blacker than my soul)
Kyphis: (320 words. Close)
Kyphis: (406 words)
Kyphis: [Forum link]
Kyphis: [Archives article]

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