Year 9 Anniversary – Chewett IX Discussion

*Mya Celestia*:Now I’m totally confused
Curiose:I think he’s joking. But it’s fun either way.
*Chewett*:But you cant be entirely sure
*Chewett*:No one has stayed to play MD as long as chewett
*Chewett*:its too…unlikely for someone to stay this long
*Chewett*:QED, its untrue
:*Eagle Eye* confirmed
*Chewett*:I will let you guys mull it over
Kyphis:A silver coin to anyone who submits this to the “Remembering the Legends” contest
*Chewett*:An aramor to the person that submits it.
*Chewett*:If my name isnt Chewett IX
*Chewett*:Anyone up for that?
Aelis:Only this bit?
Kyphis:I think they are all busy doing it right now 😛
Curiose:Haha. There’s a remembering the legends contest?
Aelis:About multiple Chewetts?
Sephirah Caelum:If so, it will become remembering Chewetts
Assira the Black:I am not the best at writing about things that actually happened… *smiles*
*Chewett IX*:About all the Chewetts
Rophs:Chew posted on a thread in the forum something about how he remembers when some script kiddie took down the forum and Mur posted a message with flavorful language.
Kyphis:I think I will do an entry on Chewett.
*Clock Master*:Oh just stop lying
*Clock Master*:We all know that Chewett is just an alter ego of Grido
:Kyphis sides hurt from laughing at that name
Sephirah Caelum:there is only one Chewett
Sephirah Caelum:with multiple heads
*Chewett IX*:We are Chewett, For I am Legion
Curiose:One chewett to rule them all?
:Assira the Black laughs
Sephirah Caelum:haaha
Curiose:Oh that reminds me, there’s chewett a, b, and c and all letters of the alphabet!
:Rophs registers an account named Chewett
:Rophs cackles evilly
Rophs: (It’s letting me do this by the way)
*Eagle Eye*:wookie
*Chewett IX*:No one will remember my name change

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