Year 9 Anniversary – Chewett IX Discussion

After Kyphis asked a trivia question about Chewett that only Chewett would be able to confirm the correct answer for, a discussion about how long Chewett had been in the realm began.

Chewett asserted that he wasn’t even the first player to use the account, although he claimed not to know how many previous Chewett’s there had been. He states that the previous Chewett was in charge of Bugs, and that he himself got the position because he both knew how to code and knew Muratus del Mur in real life.

He goes on to claim to be Romanian, although originally from America. Chewett says he prefers his current location because it is a lot cheaper than America, and there are more technical positions.

Another contest is being run for the Anniversary to write up entries regarding historical events and characters, and Kyphis challenges anyone to write an entry on Chewett for this contest, with the prize of One Silver Coin. Chewett increases the offering to an Aramor.

Moments after this Chewett changes his name to Chewett IX. This is done largely as a joke reflecting the previous stated number of Chewett’s as “X+1”, however is also chosen because it is MD’s 9th anniversary. The change of name is also helpful for players partaking in the challenge, to distinguish their entry from entries on other chapters of Chewett’s time in MD.

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