Year 9 Anniversary – Necrovion Rulership Discussion

This topic is about a discussion that took place during the Trivia contest on the first day of MD’s ninth Anniversary. It contains a log of MD’s players discussing the history of Necrovion’s leadership to that day, and how the Shade Sentinel fits into that leadership.

The next page contains a summary of the information, the pages thereafter contain the log from the actual event for historical purposes and further research.

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Year 9 Anniversary – Opening Speech Day 1

The following is the Log of the opening speech for the Year 9 Anniversary, Day 103 2014. It introduces some of the history of the creation of MD, as well as welcoming players to Loreroot.

Chewett was the current coder for MD, and Sunfire was one of the Leaders of Loreroot.

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Lost Lorerootian Knot


It seems unthinkable for those who’ve just come to our world, but in the old days, Loreroot was the land that was the most “alive.”. Different groups, different thoughts, conflicts, action–Loreroot had the most energy, energy that was misguided for the most part, and the source of some troubles from time to time.

Because of it being misguided, a thought appeared in the minds of many: it would be for the best if Loreroot was calmed. (rather than helping to guide its energy)

The first and only King of Loreroot (at the point of this text being written), when the monarchies were introduced into all mainlands, was Firsanthalas. Firsanthalas was a very good friend of Yrthilian, King of Golemus Golemicarum, who happened to be an enemy of the Lorerootian state in its recent past at that point.

Compromises were glorified; the struggle felt so tiring for the most.

There are certain people who were affiliated with Loreroot that seem to recall Firsanthalas’ reign as the good days, days of stability, while it is that same stability (of decay) that is wrong with Loreroot today.

This compulsive need for tranquility, of oneness of thought in Loreroot, lead toward the disbanding of the Savelites Church alliance, the result of the alliance’s unsynchronization of thought with the king. Some time after that, the Children of the Eclipse was lost when it was disbanded by an infliltrator. Loreroot finally remained only for the Guardians of the Root and they were relatively silent.

The word “losing” in “losing alliances” was not understood.

Loreroot has the gift of being the land of the free; as a land, Loreroot does not have to worry about limitations or be afraid to deviate from ‘the path,’ unlike Marind Bell and Necrovion. It is a tragedy that Loreroot will weep of its rich past, lingering in its current numbness, while tangible hope remains with no attempt to be touched.

The crossroads of philosophies, ideas, ways of living life, is what keeps us progressing.

The story of Loreroot is very important beyond the borders of the green mainland, too, because it can be a parallel to MagicDuel itself.

Loreroot is not the only land that is having the problems with inactivity (both physical and spiritual); it is affecting the whole realm, and one of the factors is surely the need for the understanding of the direction of things to be the same to all.

Both Loreroot, and MagicDuel as a whole, must learn and never forget that the beauty of things derives not only from unity in variety, but also from variety in unity.


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Chewett IX

Chewett IX gained the hereditary title of Chewett two years ago. He inherited it after his predecessor became ill from exposure to too many bugs, who then died of decompiling.

Chewett IX was born in Romania, on a rainy day in June. I remember it well. Or maybe it was America. Accounts conflict, but one thing that everyone can agree on is that he was probably covered in hair. Like a Wookie.

A little known fact about Chewett IX is that it emits a high frequency buzzing wherever it goes. Like a bee, except that no one can hear it. Not even No One.

Most people recognize Chewett IX by looking at it with their eyes. This is the normal way for people to recognize these sorts of things, so this should not come as a surprise. Stop being surprised.

Some people use their ears to recognize Chewett IX. This is because Chewett IX can render itself invisible, just like a technicolour zebra riding a flaming uni-cycle. Except the opposite of that thing.

The natural diet of Chewett IX is coffee: two sugars, and blacker than his soul. Don’t get it wrong, because the other thing he eats is Hope, chopped finely, like a well-prepared tulip. Mmm tulips.

If you should find yourself attacked by the wild Chewett IX, the only way to survive is to supply it with high speed internet. Its natural coding instincts should distract it long enough to let you escape, at least until it starts to code itself, at which point it can teleport and we are all in danger. Now it’s all your fault.

Chewett IX is famed for his coding skills. Without him, we wouldn’t have rain every day. Before Chewett IX, rain was a magical thing, spoken of only in hushed whispers and held in awe. Now it is everywhere, and does he get thanked for it? Yes. Yes he does. Right now. Thank you Chewett IX for stabbing the sky with your spears of code and slaying the water beasts that dwell within.

Whether it is made up of meat, like people are, or machine meat, like the Borg, or possibly even mostly Code like Chewett IX says, everyone agrees that MD would not exist today without Chewett IX. Except possibly everyone; he was not available for comment.

If you are lucky enough to have Chewett IX like you, be grateful. Because it means he doesn’t know about that thing you did. That’s right, we know. We ALL know. Which is why Chewett IX doesn’t like you. Stop lying.

In the words of Chewett IX, “We are Chewett, For I am Legion”.

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MD’s 9th Birthday

Nine years ago today, Muratus del Mur created MagicDuel’s home on the internet:

Since then, it has grown into an exceptionally large site, with thousands of lines of code and features, with a number of very hard-working people ensuring the game continues development.

To celebrate this, on the first day of the festival, we unveil this new site.

Sadly, Mur is around less at the moment, but I’ve talked with him, and he regrets that. He wishes us his best, and has coloured this year’s anniversary aramor for us. It’s an exceptionally nice one, and promises good things for MagicDuel’s 10th birthday.


All the content from the old Archives site has been moved over by a team of dedicated players, including JadenDew, Maebius, The Warrior, Valldore Nal, Laphers, all of whom were led by Innocence.
We thank them immensely for their work.

Enjoy the festival!

~Chewett, Murry, and Council

Crimson Blade


A built-for-speed, fourteen 32-pound gun Corvette




The mountains his nest
Leather as hard as horn
There he rest

Cold reptilian eyes
See the world as far as the eye can see
View the surroundings from high and from low
Hear only the sound of a distant echo
A shrill high-pitched call that pains the ear
Produced not by vocal chords
Unfreeze his kind
Paralyse his foe

Golden feet with razor-sharp talons
to tear through muscle and tendon,
Sharp dragon’s claws
One strike and he render his foe
That’s his only law

Odd Thoughts

Well then… Need to start somewhere and I don’t know where yet, so I will start ranting until I start getting into something good….

Good is relative. A bunch of things are relative. Suppose I will end up talking about relativity (and no not Einstein’s) at some point within this article. Not yet though.

Something good, I like paradoxes. I don’t know what to write about, but I’m writing right now so technically I do know what to write about. Odd really, matter of perception which side of it you want to take. But either side, me knowing/not knowing what to write about, could be rather true.

Truth is relative. Maybe everything is relative, I don’t know, I haven’t taken the time to decide that yet. So at the moment which is true is based upon my perception, that’s how it all relates. Still thinking about paradoxes apparently. And I’ve obviously gotten back into relativity, several times.

Oh yes, chaos. What is it? You tell me. Really, tell me anything, it doesn’t matter, that’s what it is. Balance? Chaos. Order? Chaos. Random? Chaos. Me? Chaos. I think the only way we could possibly prove everything isn’t chaos is if the universe was infinite. If it was infinite, then everything that could ever happen will happen. There would be no set anything, besides the fact that everything would happen at some point.

Something like mathematics. Think of π, it makes it a little easier to grasp. The number could continue to be calculated for an eternity and never show a single pattern, it’s infinite as far as we know. But who knows? If we were to actually have an eternity to calculate the number maybe one day we would find an end, or find a pattern, some sort of meaning.

But we won’t know, because as far as we are concerned we don’t have enough time to find out. This is like the universe in a sense, but we can find patterns in the universe such as star formation, galaxy clusters, and other such things. But at the start there were no stars (as are the theories). How do we know that these small patterns we find now will, or maybe even won’t, relate to a later time in its evolution? And considering it’s infinite, how could we ever know?

Infinite would apply that anything that ever could happen will, so even MD could become a real realm at some point. I could go so far to say that even an infinite universe has an end as part of the infinite possibilities that could happen. A bit paradoxical. In the infinite universe nothing would be left out. We know everything will happen an infinite number of times.

So considering the universe is finite, chaos would be supreme. We don’t know what will happen at all. Anything could, but not everything will. Enough about chaos and the universe. Which side do you stand on it? Infinite or finite?


Better yet, ask yourself if it truly matters.

La Historia de Mis Comienzos [ES]

Gonzalo Mendiverry

Gonzalo Mendiverry (self-drawn)

Cuando era aun muy joven y me encontraba vagando por el bosque de Loreloot sin nada que hacer me encontre con un ser muy extraño sentado en las raices del arbol en Stag Crossing (aunque humano parecia tener rasgos animales). A pesar de su apariencia vieja mantenia aún algo de la fuerza que tuviera en su juventud. Su rostro parecia sereno y amable, en calma, enmarcado por una barba blanca cuidadosamente adornada y largo cabello del mismo color. Sus ojos profundos y sabios, de un verde duro similar a las hojas de un roble.

Su cuerpo presentaba multitud de tatuajes representativos de todos lo rituales vividos, en contraste con sus ropas lisas y sobrias, similares a las exhibidas por los antiguos sacerdotes celtas , pero cuidando evitar tal confusión.

A pesar de ser un hombre extraño…habia escuchado hablar sobre el . Su nombre era Giledgel y se trata de un sujeto caracterizado por su equilibrio y serenidad ante cualquier situación. Profesa un intenso amor hacia todas las cosas, base de su filosofía panteísta y su postura de neutralidad. Es un sujeto justo y firme, si bien su actitud hacia otros seres es siempre amable…hay excepciones concretas.

Los ancianos que antes rondaban por mi pueblo contaban historias acerca de el .Se decia que era un LICANTROPO , cuya forma animal es la de un gran ave de alrededor de 1,2 metros de largo, más similar a un halcón que a un águila, sin embargo sería imposible identificar exactamente de qué especie se trata. Esta peculiar transformación es causa de su apodo “Halcón Peregrino”, otorgado por quienes le conocen mejor (nombre muy apropiado, dado su naturaleza nómada).

Dicen , ademas , que su forma híbrida es, sin duda, la más extraña. En esta forma la altura aumenta notablemente(alrededor de 25 centímetros). Las grandes diferencias son la presencia de plumas en todo su cuerpo, la extraña mezcla de manos humanas con las garras de un halcón, las formidables alas (las cuales permiten el vuelo, pero muy lejos de la agilidad y velocidad de la forma animal pura) y la cabeza aunque parecer mas la de un ave , mantiene algun rasgo humano .

Cabe destacar el marcado contraste que produce su transformación. Su forma humana es la de un viejo de aspecto algo frágil, mientras que animal es la de una bestia agil y fuerte .

Me llamo tanto la atencion aquel extraño anciano que decidi seguirlo, sin nada que perder ya que no tenia familia y al el parecio no molestarle . Asi lo que en principio sería tan sólo un paseo por el bosque se transformó en una verdadera aventura y una valiosa experiencia de vida. Sin duda había aprendido cosas fascinantes, pero aún no sabía que era realmente aquel viejo y la curiosidad en mi crecía.

Seekers of Enlightenment: The Foundation

SoEThe Seekers of Enlightenment was not an alliance given and asked for members like most. It was an alliance that was formed out of the group that was created around the phenomenon of the Angiens. Here is the history, from my point of view, as to how it was formed.

During the period when the Seekers of Enlightenment was formed, the Shades had appeared to Khalazdad, and both sides were readying armies to do battle. Wodin was training his troops and Khalazdad was recruiting soldiers for the recently-created Necrovion Sentinels. During this period of time there were lots of “bright” ideas, and people were running around, trying to discover things. One such initiative was a group of people centered on Angien’s Ferry. Some people believed that if the Shades were going to start a war, otherworldly beings would be helpful in opposing them. Since there was so little information available about the Angiens, they seemed like saviours.

This group at Angien’s Ferry slowly gained more people, and research began on a larger scale, with many people working on their own theories.