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Drachorn The mountains his nest Leather as hard as horn There he rest Cold reptilian eyes See the world as far as the eye can see View the surroundings from high and from low Hear only the sound of a

15 Poems from the Willow

The seed planted at Willow’s Walk spawned a tradition – it listens to poems, told by anyone that will share. Handy Pockets is an avid collectors and teller of these poems, and here is 15 poems selected by her that

Willow’s Bell Poetry Contest

The Willow’s Bell Poetry contest was sponsored by Kyphis, Emerald Arcanix, the Legend Speakers, and the wonderful land of Marind Bell. Willow’s Walk was chosen as the site of the competition both because it has recent history as a place

Berserker’s Lament

I was commissioned for this song for Burns’ “Are You Afraid of Vampires?” quest, and this is what he has to say on it: “A song based on the dim fate of the Berserkers who turned into Tormented souls in

Little Victories

I wrote this poem late last night because I was unable to sleep. I wrote it because over the last few weeks I have noticed that there has been very little good news, not just amongst people I know, I


A short poem, dedicated to Loreroot. W illows bend but never break I n the end your heart we’ll take F aces to the empty wall W ith hunter’s eye’s we sound the call F ire and Ice shall make

Shadow Weaving – A Dark Poem

Shadow Weaving (Written by Kyphis)   See the shadows Dance and spin As they fill you With our sin Clawing, Grasping For your life Harbingers Of coming Strife Hurry now The time draws near Cut her through From ear to

Best Friend

You have always been there for me The love you have I can finally see. You said you will be my best friend Right up till the very end. Even though I acted like an ***, And our friendship almost


People wounder where hell is from Some people say its the slum. Make this a better place where its all good Some people say hell is the hood. Before I finish this book I say hell is every where we

Loving Mother

I am a loving mother Who loves her child more than any other. I taught my child to swim in a pool I always help my child with school. I taught my child to cook I taught my child to