Willow’s Bell Poetry Contest

Fryd Argentus–“The Ballad of Marind’s Bell”

Marind’s Bell’s the Capitol,
With open arms it welcomes all,
Willow’s Walk and Angien Hall,
Home of raucous Carnival,
Come see!
Struck by grandeur, bathed in light,
Moved to laugh or moved to fight,
Clothed in metal, wielding might,
Enjoying Life with great delight,
You’ll be!
We are the gate to the MDA,
Champions fight or come to play,
Seat of mystery, some would say,
We’ll hold the blight of shades at bay,
You’ll see!
But do not think us all a Saint
For even Angiens have a taint
Paradise for sure this ain’t
And rosey view I would not paint
For Thee!
Now peace is fleeting like the frost
By wars this land we did exhaust
And murder foul came with high cost
For Marind’s soul now wanders lost
Poor she!
And ruined does the city lie
Perhaps to rise yet by and by,
Now truth it is so hard to spy
But don’t despair and do not sigh,
I plea!
We guardians of a lost city
Find strength in our diversity
Marind’s Folk in league, you see,
Champions of adversity
We’ll be.
The Winderwild on graceful wing,
And Scout of Air, both news will bring,
While many Birds of cheer all sing,
Of winged tower and noble King,
From tree!
Heretic Archers by our side
Speak truth to all and never lied
For truth to show and never hide
Is what you’ll seek if here abide
With me!
Angiens flare beside the shrine
And Elementals form a line
Here by a lake of tears of brine
This is the home that I’d call mine
With thee!

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