Willow’s Bell Poetry Contest


And I don’t kill the deeps of darkness with my mind,
Because of magic spells
And other misterious things that I could find.
Because of my traveller body
Which meets a sparkle in a morning
From the beginning of the life, till the end and beyond.

But, in a few days you’ll find your shadow,
Your fairy and unpredictable soul,
Which has nothing to hide.
Isn’t watched or kept by any guardian,
It travels alone and it’s always tired
Without any doubt we’ll catch it,
In the place that we know.

Only the sparkle remains after all this damn amalgam
And it’s sweet or maybe sour.
It’ll be my insomnia which you’ll know.
But leave my mind, come into my heart.
We’ll still make it trough
We’ll pass together the path of earth, sky or moon,
And we’ll take the first tought and leave this world.

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