Willow’s Bell Poetry Contest

addy–“Shores of happiness”

Insanity grips me,as my mind begins to sway,
It takes a path away from which I want to stay,
Images of her face flow through my mind,
Whenever this happens,a pain I do find,
This pain I have fealt so many times before,
Insanity grips me,and I lose my shore,
Shore of happiness is from where I sway,
To the land of misery,here to stay,
Sometimes I wish things weren’t like they are,
Sometimes I wish joy and sadness were at a par,
Till now I have been sunk in tides of sadness,
The pain I experience driving me to madness,
Sometimes I wish things didn’t happen like they did,
It seems as if from me happiness has gotten rid,
If only the shore of happiness wasn’t so far still….
If only my life wasn’t crushed like hay in the mill….
If only I am not tormented whenever I think….
If only I didn’t think about her whenever I blink….
If only this pain I didn’t have to endeavour….
If only this pain wasn’t with me forever….
If only things weren’t like they are….
If only the shore of happiness wasn’t so far….

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