Willow’s Bell Poetry Contest

Blackwood Forest–“Ruler of the sky”

Some time ago I found an egg,
I took a look, without a scratch!
Grabbed it from that open shrine,
Whispered silent – now you are mine!
Kept you warm and safe as well,
Days have passed upon your shell.
Then one day, I heard you knock,
You hatched out, and broke your lock.
Thiny little birdy mine,
I will need to feed you fine.
You should guide me well in fight,
Some day maybe when you gain might.
For now you´re sitting on my shoulder,
Freezer in battle, crit’s get colder.
Make them move none at all,
Now I strike, they will all fall!
Now your aged, increased at size,
Choosing you, back then was wise.
Giant bird, supporting friend,
By my side, until the end.
When I aid the wounds of mine,
I let you fly until skyline.
Proud ruler of the sky you are,
Let my spirit with you soar!
But what do I see, another bird?
Approaching there, it comes from the north.
Now the battle will be even,
If there wouldn’t be the token between them 😉

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