Willow’s Bell Poetry Contest

Awiiya–“Foot Thoughts”

I sat down and looked, my dinky feet,
I set my mind and slipped into thoughts deep
I sang of ebullient and gestured the exorcised
Shivered a twitch of young folks lobotomized
Complex phrases and wholesome nouns
What is it that I am trying to get found?
I sat and I looked, with my foot and five toes,
The intricacies, whole jumbles of woe.
Why was it, when given such arms,
That all my brain said was alarm?
Run away, go far
Your stories try tick
Upon ears they flick
But when doing tock
Great things they mock
The result of my inadequacy was a mystery
Something once known, lost in history
But there, with my two feet and ten toes,
The end was in sight, the source became known
The words were too big, the ears confused
My sentences were huge, and had little to do
“Lapidate”, “Eradicate”, “Vindicate” “Irate” “Exculpate”
“Alacrity,” “Tenacity”, “Temerity”, “Verity”, “Senility”
Their shadows were long, the meaning was lost,
All I had left was a tired tongue, dry with some frost
Then my feet spoke up, the ten toes in unison
They had simplicity, a message for lewder men
“The heaps of words and blurbs, the thoughts absurd.
We say to you, with the phrase please cease to demur.
Life is that small fungal spot.”
My thought was singular: at least it endures.

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