Who Killed Marind?

Writings about one of the most beautiful secrets of MD–who Marind is and what the story in story mode represents. This should be read to explain WHY the following stories are NOT to be investigated and researched. This article explains why it is so damaging to keep asking about Lore.

Marind MurWhat I am about to say is worth reading, even if it will be long; it clears up a mystery at the very base of MagicDuel, a mystery guarded for years.

The answer to the question “Who killed Marind?” is something almost none of you knew. Some very smart figured it out, but kept the secret and I thank them for that. When I had this story done for MagicDuel, by Adi, the one writing it, not even he knew who killed Marind. When the initial project was done,I couldn’t stop a writer with such a rich imagination as his from continuing to write and make up stories. This resulted in a wave of rumors and myths, all very damaging to how MD is built. It’s not his fault at all, it’s the fault of those of you that could not let the questions STAY, those who couldn’t handle them, and felt they should start ranting and bitching about how totally messed up MD is, and about how ancient lore is broken and missing. Of course people ask, that was the point. You (and you know who you are) failed to understand MD. The first part of understanding MD is to respect its secrets and not share your stupidity and ignorance with others, amplifying their superficial belief that things are somehow wrong around here.
A new player, or even an old one, that did not bother too much with the story, finds it easy to believe when he hears all your ranting and complaining and thinks that’s the way it is. That prevents some of the most beautiful minds around here to even attempt to understand MD since they believe there’s nothing to understand after all. Thank you for ruining the mechanism I tried to build because in a way some questions without answer were part of that mechanism. MD worked fine until you people shared your frustrations and inability to understand MD with the rest. Thank you for nothing.

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