2nd Annual MD Awards

Indyra Sirenias

I guess this is the part where I bore you to death with an incredibly long and pointless speech *unwraps a big scroll with writing on both sides*

First of all, I would like to say this is a wonderful surprise.

This MagicDuel award is the one I least expected to win, so thank you all who voted for me, taking the time to read the stories for this award, and thank you all for being part of that story, a story called MagicDuel. Each one of you is my inspiration and the inspiration for others. Thank you all for being here tonight. And to quote somebody: *The story must go on.*  Thank you *smiles*

[The category and image for this award are currently lost.  If anyone knows which award this was for or where a copy of its image can be obtained, please contact a site administrator.]

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