2nd Annual MD Awards

Best Quester


Whats can I say? I did it! Yay! Again! Yay! *Starts dancing around.* I must thank all my fans out there. I know you love me! NOT :D. Now let’s be serious: I didn’t plan to win the Best Quester Award. It all started with the first serious quest which had as prize of a drachorn. I solved it. And I won a drach. From there, things evolved. I found myself trying almost all quests in MD. At one point, I was busier with solving puzzles and other mysteries then actually playing.
But then I changed. I started to be more picky. I started to solve quests that I liked. Or the ones that seemed challenging enough. I had a great time solving most of them. It was great to actually crack the code or find the right password. It brought me joy and satisfaction. And for that I must thank all quest creators (for better or worse) and also to all my competitors. It’s fun to compete against smart players. It’s fun to compete against human minds and not against some artificial intelligence. Thank you!
Best Quester

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