Author: Grido

2nd Annual MD Awards

Indyra Sirenias I guess this is the part where I bore you to death with an incredibly long and pointless speech *unwraps a big scroll with writing on both sides* First of all, I would like to say this is

The Past, Present, and Possible Future of Magic Duel

[Archivist’s Note: The words presented herein do not appear to have originated from Grido, but from Muratus del Mur. However, since no attribution has been given to Muratus del Mur, though the authorship seems obvious, this article shall remain listed

Grido’s Book of Random Facts: Volume. 1

Grido’s Book of Random Facts: Vol. 1 It been told to small children that if you eat an apple seed then a tree will grow inside you, whilst this isn’t true, and i’m sorry for spoiling it for those who

Magic Duel Festival Records: Volume 2

On the 7th of March the Spring Magic Duel festival began. During the festival lots of prizes were given out, RPC and PWR promotions, ad-hoc competitions of various types, a few random awards, events and more. The festival began on

The Golemus Invasion and Resulting Infection

Late at night on Day 86 of year 3 in this land, a messenger ran to me saying that they had spotted a ship rise out of the sea and start heading towards our isle; they also brought news that

How It All Began

Now, I would like you all to be patient, as has been requested, this story will be from waaaay back in my past and my memory is slightly hazy of those times, and sometimes difficult to recollect. *clears throat* This