Grido’s Book of Random Facts: Volume. 1


Crocodile dung – Contraceptive?

Nowadays the contraceptives used are condoms, pills, and injections with various sorts of each. These sorts are fairly well known about all over the globe and are also one of the top profit making areas of business in the modern day, but did you know that Crocodile dung was also once used as contraceptive?

Crocodile dung is the first recorded contraceptive used in 1850 B.C. to meet the demand for a control on the increasing population, but that’s what it’s still used for, so nothing much has changed there.

The dung was mixed with a paste like substance and would either act as a barrier to the sperm getting in, or by changing the Acidity of the womb so that any sperm already there wouldn’t survive.

A version of the condom used today was only invented in 1880, so that’s about 2000 years using other methods like the one I mentioned.

Fancy trying it some time?*

* (slaps his own wrist) Bad Grido, you shouldnt say that sort of thing

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