Loreroot vs Golemus Golemicarum–War and Retirement of Knator Commander

Letter found this morning , day 100 or the 4th year (11 April, year 2009, modern time) on the Loreroot High Council table.

“”Loreroot leadership, People of Loreroot,
Under threat of WAR, Loreroot summoned me to defend it once again. I am old, my soldiers are long lost and my forces are no match for some of my enemies. However, i am wise and my war experience and knowledge of the realm should be greatly valued. I can still crush any of you tiny humans and, with high respect to the Council, i can smash your noble heads that your brains will become noble soup.
On my return i found a desbined Loreroot, a council, with all due respect, uncertain of its members and in constant argueing with eachother.
My plans for war were not taken too seriously, in fact, one of your noble heads stated he is not accepting me as a army leader and wanted me demoted. I should remind you noble Council that i served well the interests of Loreroot in time of War also during other councils before you and i was never before doubt by Loreroot people or by its Council.
Today i find my alliance markings erased from my shield, my army flag torn apart, and i hear that this was done by mistake. If i got subject to such mistakes i have no other choice than to retire.
The war is over because Loreroot decided to give up to the demands of the enemy, i said it before that i will not lead Loreroot Army to retreat, i am a fighter and I can not accept such decisions.
I will fully understand if I will not be given my rightfull pension or a Land of my own where i can rest my tired bones, and i wish Loreroot much better times than the current ones.

I will continue my few remaining days, (that with all respect, are probably longer than any of your noble Council members), to adventure into lands and things that i allways found interesting. Maybe i will continue my musical training too, anyway i will probably stay away from my sword for some time.

That is all,
farewell Loreroot,

.Knator Commander.

6 Comments on “Loreroot vs Golemus Golemicarum–War and Retirement of Knator Commander

  1. I Agree With Knator Commander. Also It is time to retire Sir, you’ve been tough and All but time is an unbeatable Foe.

  2. I am dishearten to hear of your retirement, Commander, and I understand your reason. All I can say, though, is I hope you will someday return to Loreroot. The forests will not be the same without its guardian.

    I hope that our paths will cross during your travels, and the Archives welcome you should you ever decide to stop by.

  3. I too am saddened to lose a fellow beastfolk as a guardian of the root. Though my times in the realm are short, I make my home at the base of the oak fort and I too would have stood ready to fight. I am not, nor was I ever an official member of the root, but I would have, and will at any time, defend my home.

  4. It is with great sadness that i see this letter.

    For you KC i have the greatest respect and you were to one i feared the most in this war. I hope you find peace and heppiness.

    You are always welcome in the land of Golemus even if it is just for a break away. the beaches are lovley this time of year.

    I wish i had the chance to get to know you better
    may be i will get to meet you again some time soon.

  5. It is with heartfelt loss that I read this letter. That a great and mighty warrior was laid low with out blow taken or blood spilt. That once again politics has slain he who may have been a mighty saviour for the people.

    Who amongst us will hope to fill the shoes that have been left outside the door?

    My honour to you KC for your dedicated service and undying love of Loreroot. A lament to the circumstances that tore you from us.

  6. I wish to voice my particular dismay at the Knator Commander’s decision, though I cannot deny he had good cause. To the Knator Commander, I can only offer mine abject apologies on behalf of the Children of the Eclipse, none of whom wished to lose a valiant and courageous ally.

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