Author: Muratus del Mur

Who Killed Marind?

Writings about one of the most beautiful secrets of MD–who Marind is and what the story in story mode represents. This should be read to explain WHY the following stories are NOT to be investigated and researched. This article explains

Life–Intro of my book

This is the current introduction for the book I am writing now; it’s an important theory that is not detailed but just presented as a teaser for the rest of the work. It is possible it will change until it’s

Signs of Entropy

WARNING: this is an ongoing debate on the forum. This is only MY version of how things are, based on the discussion on the forum, I might discover things that will perfect or change some of the presented theories. Please

M Files – Controlling the Balance

The “M Files,” as pompous as it may sound, will be a series of disclosed secret files about the things that MagicDuel helped me research and understand. From time to time, information that becomes stable and is no longer an

Winds Game Meeting–Full Discussion

Talking about Ancient lore and Adventurelog: The storyline, the start of your adventure and the main source of the controversial¬† “ancient lore” .. that’s a important subject to clear too [22/05/09 03:05] .Muratus del Mur.:I want you to understand how

The Need for Mystery

I always learn new things and what better place to learn things if not in my own mistakes…and how to find out mistakes if not by always challenging and investigating the theories that I consider perfect? When I thought of

Loreroot vs Golemus Golemicarum–War and Retirement of Knator Commander

Letter found this morning , day 100 or the 4th year (11 April, year 2009, modern time) on the Loreroot High Council table. “”Loreroot leadership, People of Loreroot, Under threat of WAR, Loreroot summoned me to defend it once again.

Order by Chaos

Order by Chaos Managing an online game such as MagicDuel allowed me to discover certain similarities between the real world and a virtual world, things that are more clear for me here, as i am sure they are clear for

MagicDuel Roleplaying Effects in Real Life

Roleplaying has an amazing use in real life. Usually a role mirrors our desire, our true identity but sometimes it’s also just one side of this identity. You may think this is not true because you often played a role