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I have several tools to achieve all this information balance control. They can be divided in two: tools that help strengthen the connection between you and MagicDuel, and tools that allow you to connect to the other minds in MagicDuel.

You have chat and things that express your personality, like papers, avatar, forum, etc. These are the tools used to create a channel between you and MagicDuel as a center of all the connections.

You have fights, beautiful artwork, upgradable creatures, stats, hidden secrets, etc. These are the tools used to strengthen your connection with MagicDuel, to attract you and keep you in until the pull force is enough to get you into the first set of tools.

Once you get to the communication part, and make friends and interact, the tools that kept you initially in become irrelevant. How important is it, for example, how beautiful or ugly the first page is for veterans?

Understanding this about a “game,” or a nearly self-sufficient system or world, helps me to understand the tools that govern other systems and eventually the overall system called “the real world.”

Sharing all this info with you is actually unbalancing MagicDuel’s information balance quite a lot, and I have repeatedly done things that unbalance the realm, because, in my circle of perfection, I have my own points and flaws and without them, things will simply find other ways to self-balance by creating flaws in places I can’t control or predict.

Embrace the inevitable so to speak

3 Comments on “M Files – Controlling the Balance

  1. Well now that does and does not clear up much. I get what you are saying and this interests me greatly. It is an interesting insight to you and to the MagicDuel world.

    I do like watching others and seeing what they do and react to this is how i get to understand others and their habits so that I might better interact with them.

    I guess this is a habit some use to find a way to better do something. I use this was of learning to work with everything I do. 🙂

    Thanks again Mur; I enjoyed the read.

  2. *smiles and curtsies deeply to Mur*

    Thank you. You have strengthened my faith.

    You have put into words something i have been trying to put into words for several years now.

    I had thought to keep my thoughts on information systems and faith and hope separate. You made me realise that you can’t keep them separate if you would understand them fully. They must be combined.

    *grins* now i know who to go to with the more obscure philosophies and thoughts i have.

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