Principles Discussion

Principles. Principles of Magic are much like real-life principles. This being so is due to the fact that we choose what we believe in. Some people believe “the more, the merrier,” and yet there are those who say “too many cooks spoil the broth.” Principles apply to everyone and everything. The dove and the crow are classic symbols of light and darkness and every process follows the principle of cyclicity. Now, what I will discuss is not about principles and their definitions, but, rather, I’d like to say how they mesh with everything else.

Before I do that, though, I want to discuss what happens to opposite principles clashing.

Here is my own Principle Diamond:

Entropy Transposition
Time Cyclicity (Energy) Balance Element
Syntropy Imagination

Light and Darkness — Complete Opposition
Entropy and Syntropy — Partial Opposition
Time and Element — Partial Harmony
Cyclicity and Balance — Complete Harmony
Light and Transposition — Correlation
Darkness and Imagination — Correlation

Here, I show the relation of the principles. There is a great energy focused into these principles, and only perfection can touch perfection; hence, we are imperfect. What we need is something perfect to follow, and so we follow principles. Everything follows principles. Everything is made of the principles. So far, we are on an uneasy balance, threatening to cause chaos, and yet willing to stabilize. There is a barrier, though, barring our way to stabilization and chaos alike. You know it subconsciously, and you must look for it within yourself. It is something you will experience, you shall experience in the future. Of this, I’m sure. As I mentioned, we have our freedom, and I said it is that which makes us imperfect. But don’t be deterred! Freedom is like metal: you can bend it only if you give the effort and the energy to do so. Bend your freedom, make it straight. We subconsciously bend our freedom all the time, but we can make it straight once more if only we consciously try. God made us sentient for something, and I doubt it is to break His laws and bend His rules. Our consciousness, our sentience, it is the key to unlocking our inner energy. Find your key, and you delve into greater things. Principles.

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