M Files – Controlling the Balance

The “M Files,” as pompous as it may sound, will be a series of disclosed secret files about the things that MagicDuel helped me research and understand. From time to time, information that becomes stable and is no longer an uncertain experiment will be documented in such a file. Beware, the things described here may seem odd or superstitious to most, but remember they are research. Some of the discussed topics may spoil other current ongoing secrets or experiments if you are smart enough to make the right connections. This lecture is dedicated to the most loyal veteran players of you all.

I do not have the habit of writing little texts when I speak of the things that I enjoy most, so take a coffee before you continue to read this.

The reason I do write all this is because, as stated on the main page, MagicDuel learns from you and you should learn from it. The veteran players should hear my side of the story; they deserve this for all the effort and time invested. It is my gift to them that reaches from a virtual world called MagicDuel to another world called Life. The knowledge accumulated by this project is applicable from games and communities to understanding the human mind and much more than that.

When I say this is dedicated to veterans, I mean it, because you won’t be able to understand all of it if you are not a long time player of MagicDuel, or if your mind is not open to information that might not fit with the way you learned things work.

Before attempting to understand any of the things I have to say in the “M Files,” you must know some things about me. Yeah, I am that egocentric to ask you to do that. I am not a superstitious man, but my sphere of understanding reaches fields that may be considered, by most people, as superstitious or way too abstract or unreal. I do not blindly believe in anything, not even in the things I research and prove on my own. I always keep an open gate to the collected information so that I can always improve and perfect it based on any possible new input I might get later. I do not manage to apply the things I discover to my own life, so do not look at me as a model. I have my flaws and, trust me, they are big enough. I am not a bad or cruel person, yet being able to decide things in a neutral and highly objective way sometimes makes me look the opposite, as weird as it is. I tend to be very enthusiastic in the things I talk about, and that might seem to some as obsession or insanity. I leave it for your own judgement to understand the things I say with or without this enthusiasm factor. MagicDuel is my little baby and it’s normal to speak of it with such enthusiasm, but don’t let this obscure the information I have to say “for they are true and powerful.” 🙂

It took me several years to decide this information is ripe enough to go public: value it accordingly.

Enough introduction.

3 Comments on “M Files – Controlling the Balance

  1. Well now that does and does not clear up much. I get what you are saying and this interests me greatly. It is an interesting insight to you and to the MagicDuel world.

    I do like watching others and seeing what they do and react to this is how i get to understand others and their habits so that I might better interact with them.

    I guess this is a habit some use to find a way to better do something. I use this was of learning to work with everything I do. 🙂

    Thanks again Mur; I enjoyed the read.

  2. *smiles and curtsies deeply to Mur*

    Thank you. You have strengthened my faith.

    You have put into words something i have been trying to put into words for several years now.

    I had thought to keep my thoughts on information systems and faith and hope separate. You made me realise that you can’t keep them separate if you would understand them fully. They must be combined.

    *grins* now i know who to go to with the more obscure philosophies and thoughts i have.

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