M Files – Controlling the Balance

Aiming the information gap (the error dot)

Each system is connected to the other systems around it. As I said earlier, MagicDuel, as a nearly self-sufficient world, has a gate too. Without this “point” in its structure, “a gate” as I call it, the system will be more stable, but also dying and consuming itself until it vanishes.

I managed to control the MagicDuel world in such a way that it will balance to its outer world through this point. Now this sounds like science fiction probably, but how many of you have had the feeling that the simple fact you found MagicDuel was the work of fate? How many of you were so strongly convinced you “had to” find MagicDuel in this big internet world? Quite  a few, and I don’t say this because I feel so proud of MagicDuel, but because, being its creator, I seen lots and lots of such comments sent to me about how MagicDuel was found or what it means to some. MagicDuel has a way of attracting players and reaches out from its own system into systems it does not control, and it does this by causing a subtle imbalance in the surrounding information. Some of the information present in the MagicDuel realm counterbalances the gaps some of you feel in yourselves, and because of that, you could call it fate that you found it, but I will say that it found you.

It’s a certain feeling you have when you come to this virtual world. You know there is something there, not sure what, but you feel it. Some feel it stronger than others and they do more and more just to stay and see what it is all about. Some feel it weaker than others and, eventually, some things make them give up the search and quit at some point. Some keep their “gates” to the soul closed and they never feel this strange attraction> Some do not need the information here so they are unaffected by this subtle imbalance.

In other words, this imbalance control can be found, for example, when you hide something. If you hide something without any possible way of reaching it, it will somehow emerge “by fate.” You need to create “keys” and clues to that big secret in order to keep it balanced to the outer world; that’s something very important to know. Realizing the overall balance of information allows you to predict certain areas of possible imbalance and use them in your favor or fill in the gaps.

What is important to understand is that “information balance” also affects systems that are not connected to each other. It’s “karma.” It’s not about religion or superstition, it’s about a native instinct humans have in feeling this balance even on a subconscious level.

3 Comments on “M Files – Controlling the Balance

  1. Well now that does and does not clear up much. I get what you are saying and this interests me greatly. It is an interesting insight to you and to the MagicDuel world.

    I do like watching others and seeing what they do and react to this is how i get to understand others and their habits so that I might better interact with them.

    I guess this is a habit some use to find a way to better do something. I use this was of learning to work with everything I do. 🙂

    Thanks again Mur; I enjoyed the read.

  2. *smiles and curtsies deeply to Mur*

    Thank you. You have strengthened my faith.

    You have put into words something i have been trying to put into words for several years now.

    I had thought to keep my thoughts on information systems and faith and hope separate. You made me realise that you can’t keep them separate if you would understand them fully. They must be combined.

    *grins* now i know who to go to with the more obscure philosophies and thoughts i have.

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