M Files – Controlling the Balance

A balanced, closed world

MagicDuel is what I call a balanced, nearly self-sufficient world. It has certain gates and it depends on them, like the constant influx of new players. But at this point, these gates are weaker than the power of the realm itself, meaning that new players cannot change or destroy the balance we achieved here, though old players can.

We find such consistent worlds all over us. They are like systems within systems, however, it’s very rare to find a nearly self-sufficient system in our daily life. Partial system are all over, systems like work, family, and so on, and we even sometimes refer or think of them as a small world.

The advantage of controlling a complete system is that you can analyze its behavior and gather knowledge that you can’t by analyzing partial systems. The purpose of this document is to explain some particularities discovered and analyzed over the time within the world of MagicDuel. A very powerful and interesting way to use such knowledge is in our daily life and, of course, in partial systems, because even if they are not complete, they follow the same abstract rules.

I will reference geometric shapes because it’s much easier for me. What I will talk about also contains a special kind of intuitive information that some of you might understand. If you do not understand the references to shape I will use, do not worry, not many can or should.

3 Comments on “M Files – Controlling the Balance

  1. Well now that does and does not clear up much. I get what you are saying and this interests me greatly. It is an interesting insight to you and to the MagicDuel world.

    I do like watching others and seeing what they do and react to this is how i get to understand others and their habits so that I might better interact with them.

    I guess this is a habit some use to find a way to better do something. I use this was of learning to work with everything I do. 🙂

    Thanks again Mur; I enjoyed the read.

  2. *smiles and curtsies deeply to Mur*

    Thank you. You have strengthened my faith.

    You have put into words something i have been trying to put into words for several years now.

    I had thought to keep my thoughts on information systems and faith and hope separate. You made me realise that you can’t keep them separate if you would understand them fully. They must be combined.

    *grins* now i know who to go to with the more obscure philosophies and thoughts i have.

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