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One common dot

You can imagine all subsystem within a system as circles, and all these circles connect in one point that can be anywhere on their length. The geometrical shape of this is the same shape I could analyze and find in real world: a hypersphere. At the risk of sounding conceited, I dare say that I am one of the few people who can imagine a hypersphere with the same accuracy as one else could imagine a sphere. That probably helped me a lot to understand some mechanics behind all this and build upon it.

For the sake of “simplicity,” if you can call this simple, let’s imagine these things as circles on a sphere (it’s much clearer than a hypersphere for most). I said all these subsystems are part of the same sphere, the system we analyze, and all have one point in common. This point is like the glue that holds the system in place and is nothing more than a virtual drop of imperfection to balance the circle which is, by its nature, perfect. You can rapidly tell that this virtual drop can actually be a huge gap in some highly imperfect system. But it’s important to realize that it’s there all the time. There will always be a similarity between all the imperfections of all subsystems within a system.
In case of MagicDuel it took me a very long time to define and find it, and I admit I am still working to perfect that as much as I can.

This point can be controlled from every circle of each subsystem. Controlling this point can affect the entire system! Imagine, for example, an error in the battle system, or in the chat, or anywhere actually, it will slowly destroy the balance of the entire MagicDuel world. Take for example a plant: repeatedly damage an end of one of its branches and you will notice that the plant decides to kill the entire branch (please don’t try this at home; plants are beautiful and important parts of life).

The results you can achieve with this are unbelievable: you can control information that you have NO access to just by controlling the balance between this error point and the rest. One thing that I was initially afraid to talk about because most will react against it, I’ll talk about on the next page

3 Comments on “M Files – Controlling the Balance

  1. Well now that does and does not clear up much. I get what you are saying and this interests me greatly. It is an interesting insight to you and to the MagicDuel world.

    I do like watching others and seeing what they do and react to this is how i get to understand others and their habits so that I might better interact with them.

    I guess this is a habit some use to find a way to better do something. I use this was of learning to work with everything I do. 🙂

    Thanks again Mur; I enjoyed the read.

  2. *smiles and curtsies deeply to Mur*

    Thank you. You have strengthened my faith.

    You have put into words something i have been trying to put into words for several years now.

    I had thought to keep my thoughts on information systems and faith and hope separate. You made me realise that you can’t keep them separate if you would understand them fully. They must be combined.

    *grins* now i know who to go to with the more obscure philosophies and thoughts i have.

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