Although the actual group Archivists did not exist at the time when Actraiser was working on his projects, Actraiser was the first player to begin researching and writing for the realm. Working closely with such people as Shoeps, Actraiser had a group of researchers that worked with him. Actraiser was the writer and researcher of the first 4 months of the calendar, and left before completing the remaining 8 months. When he left, his research team fell apart and his projects remained unfinished (except for the Calendar project, which later became the responsibility of the Archivists).

Although most famous for being the father of the Archives and the Archivists, Actraiser was known for a variety of other feats as well. He was an exceptional fighter, as most legendary players of the early period were. He was one of the first to gain a creature or learn the newest ritual technique. The summon-army spell also bore his name for a while, as he was the first player to ever use it. The spell was “Summon Actraiser’s Army,” which he would use when he wanted a particularly strong ritual.

He and STF were also close friends and at other times rival protectors. Actraiser and STF were the first two mp6 protectors of the land, and people were forced to choose between the two.

At this time there was also no limit on the maximum honor a player could have. As a result, some players gained massive amounts of honor. Actraiser was one of the most flagrant honor collector, at one point having as much as 24k honor. This later became his downfall when he was cursed with the win disease, and he could no longer attack others because of the massive amounts of negative honor he would have gained. While he stagnated, others such as Big C quickly caught up to his strength and then surpassed him.

His death was more of a fading away. One day, he had wandered off, and was seen only once afterwards. He has not been seen for more than a year, and is thus declared dead.

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