Omegaweapon was a secretive figure in the history of the realm, known most prominently for knowing the inner-workings of the realm, able to exploit secrets that few people knew of. Working with Big C, another knowledgeable warrior of the early realm, Omegaweapon was able to gain massive stats due to the fact that at that time there was no limit to the amount of heat one could accumulate. Due to this, Omegaweapon was able to achieve the highest stats and make others fear his brute strength rituals. Besides being a proficient warrior, he also helped the realm a considerable amount, finding exploits and reporting them to Muratus del Mur so that he could fix them, and make the game a more sound place.

In the Golemus Wizard quest, Omegaweapon was sent by the Shades to kill the Big C, however the prayers of the players and Thanasia saved Big C, and as a result Omegaweapon thought it necessary to kill the Golemus Wizard in order to stay on their good side. He proceeded to kill the wizard, and as a result he allowed Wodin to be summoned into the world.

He became known as a master assassin, able to kill silently and without remorse. He was to help defeat Wodin and prevent him from defeating the shades, however during the fight his personal demons overwhelmed him, and Omegaweapon succumbed to himself, disappearing most likely for good. No one has seen him since the Shade War, and he is assumed dead.

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